Message from the President

※希少資源の獲得競争 M型社会で総合的に見られるように異なった国や地域に於いて、人口の約1%が勝者で全ての利益をもち去り、その他99%の人々が苦しむ傾向は不可避です。

IRD CO.,Ltdとは
私たちIRD CO.,Ltdは、新技術の発掘、流通プラットホームの構築と商品の販売を通じて企業競争力と国内外ネットワークの強化、そして私たちが子供の頃に夢見たような平和で愛溢れる近未来世界の実現を目指していく会社です。

The continuous conflicts and banger arose bay recent civilization and development has induced the need for the world peace development to be important topic. the younger generations face immense challenges:
・Heavy burdens of public debt (government debt and pension liabilities)
・M-shaped societies, inequality and unemployment.
  ・Competition on scarce of resources

From the holistic view of winner takes all” and M shaped society, within the different countries and areas, it is inevitable for the winners of 1% to take all wins, and left the remaining 99% of the population to suffer.

Ideal world: Fairness among human beings despite nationalities, religions, ethics, history, gender. Every single person should be granted with the same right to enjoy all resources existing in the world.

The human civilization has been led by the top elites of the world since ancient time, and will continue to the future. Merit-based rewards and incentives will act as the moral of this rule.

Any groups, countries, societies should not be rule under predatory and exclusionary practice.

The future of the world will be dictated by the education and development of young, bright leaders with kind wishes of the whole world, which is what this proposal tries to achieve.

Japan Society and Japanese:
Special responsibility and role

Japan as a highly development country with the necessary technology and mindset developed for the modern world. If the global conflicts ever arose in the world, Japan will also be one of the countries to suffer.

Ideally, Japan should be taking the most responsibility to push this project forward. However, Japanese should not only consider themselves as the core objective. It is to aim for world peace as the ultimate mission.